The organic açaí juice

The first genuine açaí drink!


With its high concentration of real açaí berries, Nossa! organic juice is the first beverage to offer the unparalleled taste and health benefits of this Amazonian superfruit.

It's the healthy, energizing juice you can enjoy with your meal or on its own, as a morning or afternoon snack. Rich in muscle-regenerating amino acids and minerals, Nossa! organic juice is also the ideal sports recovery drink.

Very high açaí content

Each berry is wild-harvested in the Amazon and hand-selected by our growers in order to bring you the most authentic açaí experience.

Gluten-free and dairy-free

Delicious, nutrient-rich açaí is suitable for any diet.


Our recipes are certified organic and are free of artificial colour, flavour, and preservatives.


Our harvesting practices honor the natural environment and support small producers.

The açaí pulp

The fruit in its pure state!


It’s the freshest açaí experience you can get, the way Brazilians enjoy it. Açaí pulp is frozen right after extraction, which is the best way to preserve both its flavour and nutritive value. Use our pulp pouches to create your own recipes: açaí bowl, smoothies, desserts or any dish.

acai-violet  PURE AÇAÍ
The original! Discover the unique taste of açaí in its purest form.

guarana  AÇAÍ – GUARANA
Guarana, also found in the Amazon, is known for having energizing effects while helping to suppress appetite. Just as delicious as our classic açaí pulp, Nossa! açaí guarana will give you an added energy boost!