How açaí could save the Amazon

Forêt amazonienne

The Amazon rainforest is the oldest and the biggest forest on earth. It is also the only place where you can find açaí, and this is one of the numerous reasons why it should be preserved from deforestation!

Fortunately, thanks to NGOs such as Aquaverde, reforestation projects are growing, and they can succeed in defending the rainforest against its threats, while respecting its inhabitants.


Born from the will of the Suruí tribe to preserve the forest where they live, the PAMINE project was effectively launched ten years ago, thanks to Aquaverde’s support. Through this program, between 2000 et 22 000 trees have been planted each year since 2005. Among those trees, thousands of açaí palm trees, which are a real source of income for the local populations. Açaí is now more than ever the miraculous berry from the Amazon!

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