We are a young start-up that promotes health through food and respect for men and nature.

Our goal is to help you discover unknown exotic fruits with surprising tastes and outstanding health properties! We strive to ensure that our products are sustainably sourced with respect for growers and the environment.

The Nossa! project

Nossa! was created by Damien in 2012 while he was living in Brazil and doing academic research on açaí in the Amazon. There he realized that, despite being well-versed in a variety of global cuisines, he and his friends had had relatively little exposure to the incredible diversity of flavours found in the Amazon. The Amazon rainforest is full of fruits with surprising and subtle tastes and amazing health properties. Damien therefore launched the Nossa! project with the goal of encouraging people to discover unknown exotic fruits with surprising tastes and outstanding health properties.

Nossa! focuses on preserving all the properties and authenticity of natural ingredients with simple and natural recipes. Our products therefore all have a very high fruit content, and are free of preservatives, coloring, and artificial flavor.

“Nossa!” is a popular expression of surprise in Brazil that perfectly suits our project because we guarantee that you’ll be blown away by our magical fruits !

Natural Good for nature

Açaí comes from a fragile ecosystem, which is why we’re deeply committed to making a positive impact on the natural habitats that share with us their wonders. Our berries are picked by hand on wild palm trees, and neither pesticides nor fertilizers are used.

A few years ago, açaí trees were cut down for palm heart production; today, they are preserved in order to protect their coveted berries. NGOs even encourage locals who live in destructed areas to plant açai trees in order to reforest and sustainably live from it.

Açaí is only grown in the Amazon, so we strive to minimize our carbon footprint while making our products available to you. This is why we opt for transport by boat. Bringing 17 tons of açaí to Europe by boat creates a carbon footprint that is only half that of a one-way ticket to Rio! The environmental impact of a Nossa! bottle is not bigger than that of a cup of coffee!

Eco-friendly  Good for growers

Açaí is picked in one of Brazil’s poorest regions. By taking part in the economic development of picking areas, we help to preserve local culture and support small producers.

This collaboration is a real source of income for these people who often have to migrate to cities for lack of viable job opportunities. Açaí production allows them to stay in their village and to preserve their centuries-old way of life.