What are the food trends in 2016 ?

Food Trends : 2016 will be rich in vegetables, seeds and… açaí !

  • In 2016 you no longer eat on plates but in bowls. Today we only talk about “bowls”: bowl cakes, power bowls, poke bowls, smoothies bowls, açaí bowls … From breakfast to dinner, sweet or savory, every palate can be pleased!
  • We eat healthy, on a vegetarian or vegan way, vegetables are no longer side dishes but the core of our meals. For example become fond of kale, a kind of cabbage triumphing in the United States and the United Kingdom and making its great entrance in France this year, as well as new broccolini.
  • Good fats provide energy and help the brain to function so do not feel guilty for eating them. Salmon, avocado, cold pressed olive oil and almonds have great importance on our plate, uh sorry, in our bowl.
  • We seek the “superfoods” that is to say, foods rich in vitamins, proteins, antioxidants … Do not hesitate to mix your vegetables to old seeds (teff, millet, kamu …) and abuse açaí in all its forms : açaí bowl, smoothie or juice!
  • Finally exotic cuisines will become quite renowned in our regions, from the Chinese Sichuan cuisine to the Caribbean one through the Korean kimchi, you will learn to appreciate the powerful mixtures of spices, chili and aromatic herbs rich in taste.
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